Fission YAML Configuration

Details on the .fission.yaml configuration file

Here's the the default .fission.yaml file that gets created in your home directory when you run fission register or fission login.

- .fission.yaml
- .env
- .DS_Store
username: YOURUSER
password: YOURPASS
- /ip4/
- /ip4/


Ignore functions much like a .gitignore file: any of the files or file patterns listed here will not be uploaded when you run fission up or watch.

By default, we ignore this fission.yaml file itself, .env private environment variables, and the MacOS Finder .DS_Store files that get generated automatically.

User Auth

Your username and password are stored locally, on your own system. This is much like an API key or private env variables.

We are moving to a public / private key based system, so this section will be changing soon.


These are the addresses of the Fission IPFS servers. We make sure your local IPFS node knows how to connect to us directly, resulting in better performance for everyone.