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Interplanetary Fission IPFS - Fission Web API as an Heroku Add-on

The Fission Web API is available as a Heroku Add-on. Find it in the Heroku Add-Ons Marketplace. It is currently in a free beta mode with a "test" plan.

As with all Heroku add-ons, you can also create a new add-on locally using the Heroku CLI tool:

heroku addons:create interplanetary-fission:test

If you create the add-on through the Heroku dashboard, you can find your API credentials in the Settings section of your app, under the Config Vars heading:

These can also be used in your local environment by creating an .env file.

The Heroku Add-on uses the Web API, appropriate for server side apps written in any language that Heroku supports. You can browse the live docs of the Fission Web API at runfission.com/docs, or look at our Github repo to find a client SDK for your programming language.

Deploy to Heroku

A particularly good use case for using our Fission IPFS add-on is to combine it with setting up your application in a "Deploy to Heroku" mode.

This means adding an app.json file and a few other settings that tell Heroku what add-ons and environment variables your application needs. You can find out more how to set this up in Heroku's documentation.

Example Deploy to Heroku Apps

Ghost Blogging on Heroku with IPFS

We built an IPFS Storage Adapter for the Ghost blogging platform, and bundled it together with Deploy to Heroku and the Fission Heroku Add On. You can get started on the hobby tier by clicking the Deploy to Heroku button on Github:

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