Installing the Webnative SDK

You can add the webnative SDK to a project by loading it from a CDN or installing it with a package manager.


For prototyping or experimentation, you can use the latest version of the SDK.

<script src=""></script>

We recommend linking to a specific version in production to avoid unexpected changes.

Package Manager

We recommend installing with a package manager for larger projects that use build tools or bundlers.

Install the SDK with npm or your preferred package manager.

npm install webnative

Import the SDK in your application.

// ES6
import * as wn from 'webnative'

// Browser/UMD build
const wn = self.webnative

Build Target. Webnative uses cryptographic libraries that rely on BigInt and other modern browser standards. In some cases, you may need to set your build tool or bundler to target es2020 to use webnative.

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