App Management

There is a live beta of the development version available at It might delete your apps or eat your JavaScript.

All of the apps that you have published with your account are listed on the Apps page.

Create a new app from the Dashboard

As well as using the Fission CLI to register and publish apps, you can drag and drop a folder of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to create and publish your app directly from the browser.

Behaviour between drag-and-drop and the file chooser differs slightly!

  • If you upload files via drag-and-drop, e.g. by selecting the files index.html and styles.css and dropping both, you'll end up with these two files at the root of your app, so e.g. at

  • If you upload files via clicking on the drop area, you'll open a directory chooser. There, select the directory that contains all files you want to have served on your app. So, e.g. choose the build directory that contains the index.html and styles.css files.

Manage apps you've created

When you click on an app in your apps list, you get to a page you can update, rename or delete your apps on.

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