Basic example of how to make a UCAN. Note that the issuer always has to be your DID, because the UCAN will be signed with your private key.

import * as wn from "webnative"

// DIDs
const ourDID = await wn.did.ucan()
const otherDID = "did:key:EXAMPLE"

 * This can be another UCAN which has a bigger, or equal,
 * set of permissions than the UCAN we're building later.
const possibleProof = null // or, other UCAN.

 * The UCAN, encoded as a string.
const ucan = await wn.ucan.build({
  audience: otherDID,
  issuer: ourDID,
  lifetimeInSeconds: 60 * 60 * 24, // UCAN expires in 24 hours
  proof: possibleProof

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