Custom Domains

Instructions for DNS and domain registrar settings to use a custom domain with Fission

Every Fission App gets a free subdomain.

Currently, these look like, but we're migrating to user accounts and attached apps, where every app has

To use a custom domain of your own, like, you need to point your domain at our name servers in your domain registrar control panel.

Note: custom domains currently require manual confirmation by us. This will be integrated directly into the Fission CLI and be fully automated. For now, contact us on our support page if you want to use this feature.

Fission Nameservers





Changing Nameservers in Namecheap

Go to the domain you want to host on Fission in your Namecheap admin:

Where it says "Namecheap BasicDNS", select "Custom DNS" from the drop down:

Enter in and and click the green check mark to save.