Webnative SDK
The webnative software development kit offers tools for:
  • Auth. Users make an account and link their account across devices in the Fission Auth Lobby.
  • Storage. The webnative file system (WNFS) stores user data for apps.
  • UCAN and DID tools for working with UCANs and distributed identities
  • Platform APIs for interacting with user apps
Please upgrade to webnative 0.29.1
We will be making fundamental improvements to WNFS in the coming months that will result in breaking changes for both users and developers. Webnative 0.29.1 lays the groundwork to support filesystem migration and to inform end-users about changes.
Please update your apps that use webnative to 0.29.1 as soon as you are able. Updating to 0.29.1 will smooth the transition for you and your users going forward into future iterations of WNFS.
Come by the Fission Discord server if you have any questions about these updates.
Versions. This guide is versioned for each version of the CLI/Webnative SDK. See the top left above Overview in the sidebar to select the version of CLI or SDK you are working with. Latest represents all versions newer that last numbered version. We will always add a numbered version when a breaking change occurs.
API documentation and code. Read more in the API reference (or an alternate view) and in the webnative code repository.
Have questions? Come join the Fission Discord server or post your question to the Fission Developer forum. We are here to help!
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