Install the Fission command line tools to start publishing from your desktop

You can sign up for Fission and get setup to start using it directly from your command line.

Installing the Fission CLI

The Fission command line interface (CLI) is the main way to interact with Fission's services.

For Windows users, we currently recommend using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The Linux instructions below apply equally to WSL, except where noted.


We have a brew recipe to get you up and running quickly on MacOS:

$ brew install fission-suite/fission/fission-cli

Linux (and manual MacOS)

Head over to our releases page on Github and download the latest release for your operating system.

Unzip the file and move the file to your PATH:

$ sudo mv ./fission-cli-exe /usr/local/bin/fission

We currently depend on two additional libraries and For apt-based Linux distros, you'll want to run the following:

$ apt install libpq-dev libtinfo5

Depending on your OS version, you may need to run apt-get update first, and you may need to run these commands with sudo.

That's it! Double check that it's installed correctly:

$ fission --help
Fission makes developing, deploying, updating, and iterating on web apps quick
and easy.
Usage: fission (SHORTCUT | COMMAND | --version)
CLI to interact with Fission services
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