Managing Your Account

The Fission CLI account management commands

Use the fission user command and its subcommands to set up your account and display your username.

Register a new user

The fission user register command registers your account with Fission or links to your existing Fission account.

$ fission user register
Username: YOURNAME
✅ Registration successful!

When you register a new account, you will be prompted for a username and an email. Fission will send you an email to confirm your account and complete your registration.

The fission user register command will create a global config.yaml file in your ~/.config/fission directory. See the Global Fission YAML guide for more information about the config.yaml file.

The fission setup command is a shortcut for fission user register.

The registration process will also create a Fission Drive for you automatically at the URL using your Fission username.

Display user information

Use fission user whoami to display your username.

$ fission user whoami
💻 Currently logged in as: fission