Fission CLI

The Fission Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Fission CLI is a developer tool for working with apps and managing your account on the Fission platform.


The Fission CLI uses multipart commands with the structure:

fission <command> <subcommand> [options]

Commands group related subcommands into operations on apps or accounts. Options extend functionality or display help information.

Shortcuts combine a command and subcommand into a shortcut command:

fission <shortcut> [options]

The options that would apply to the multipart command also apply to the shortcut.

This guide covers the most commonly used options. More options are available for you to explore and you can always join our Discord to ask us more about them!


The --help option displays a quick reference at any command level.

At the top level, fission --help displays a high-level summary of all commands and shortcuts.

$ fission --help
Fission makes developing, deploying, updating, and iterating on web apps quick
and easy.

Usage: fission (SHORTCUT | COMMAND | --version)
  CLI to interact with Fission services

Available options:
  --version                Print version
  -h,--help                Show this help text

  setup                    Initial Fission setup
  up                       Upload the working directory

Command Groups
  app                      User application management
  user                     Fission account & auth management

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