Fission YAML

More information on the fission.yaml file and options

Fission stores some configuration options on your local machine by using a file named .fission.yaml. One is in your home folder and is for global defaults for all apps on your machine.

Global Fission YAML

After you run fission setup, you'll have a global .fission.yaml file in your home folder. If you type the following command, it will display the contents of your global file:

more ~/.fission.yaml

The default global file will looks something like this:

ignore: [".DS_Store", ".env", ".fission.yaml"]
- /ip4/
- /ip4/


Ignore is used to list files you don't want fission up to upload. We include a couple of defaults to make sure that common files don't get uploaded.

This functions similarly to a .gitignore file.


We make sure that your local computer can directly connect to our servers. These are the IP addresses and fingerprints of our servers.

Eventually, we'll have a list of peers around the world.

Fission YAML for Apps

When you create a new app using fission app-init, a new .fission.yaml file is created in the directory where you ran the command. Here's an example:

build_dir: site/
- *.psd
- _ignore


This is the URL where your app is available.

Eventually, you'll be able to specific different versions -- for example, development, testing, production, etc. -- as well as list custom domains here.


Apps often have build directories that are used for production deployments. You can set the path of your build directory, relative to where the .fission.yaml file is.

If you are using a "common" build directory, fission will attempt to detect this the first time you run fission up, and will prompt to ask if you would like to set this as your build directory.


As you can see, this can also include a local ignore directive, that just applies to the local app directory. There won't be an ignore section by default, but you can edit the file to add whatever you like here.

YAML can specify arrays in a couple of different ways, both like this, and comma separated as in the global example above.

The *.psd means, ignore and don't upload any Photoshop files with a .psd extension.

The _ignore is just a convention, to make a local directory with that name where you can keep all your files together, but know that files in that folder won't get uploaded.