Install IPFS + Fission and make your machine interplanetary!

Fission is your toolkit for easily interfacing with IPFS. To get started, you'll need to install IPFS as well as the Fission CLI tool.

Installing IPFS


If you don't want to mess around with running an IPFS daemon in the command line, ipfs-desktop is a great option. You can download the release from their Github page or use your favorite package manager:

  • Homebrew (macOS): brew cask install ipfs

  • Chocolatey (Windows): choco install ipfs-desktop

  • Snap (Linux): snap install ipfs-desktop

All of these include graphical interfaces as well as the command line IPFS daemon. You can drag and drop files, view your local IPFS files visually, and even integrate a shortcut for taking screenshots and auto-uploading them to IPFS.

ipfs binary

We recommend installing IPFS from a prebuilt package. First, download the correct package for your platform.

If you are a Mac Homebrew user, brew install ipfs is even easier.

macOS and Linux

Untar the archive and run the ./ script (which just moves the binary to a local bin path).

$ tar xvfz go-ipfs.tar.gz
$ cd go-ipfs
$ ./

If you don't know your system's architecture, rununame -a


Unzip the archive and move ipfs.exe to your %PATH% .

Test it out

$ ipfs help
ipfs - Global p2p merkle-dag filesystem.

For more installation options, check out the Install IPFS guide.

Installing Fission


We have a brew recipe to get you up and running quickly on MacOS:

$ brew tap fission-suite/fission
$ brew install fission-cli

Linux (and manual MacOS)

Head over to our releases page on Github and download the latest release for your operating system.

Note: Ubuntu 19+ is currently not supported due to a build issue #51

Unzip the file, and then make the binary executable:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ sudo chmod +x ./fission-cli-exe

And move the file to your PATH:

$ sudo mv ./fission-cli-exe /usr/local/bin/fission

(Linux Only) Linux requires an additional dependency:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install libpq-dev

That's it! Double check that it's installed correctly:

$ fission --help
CLI to interact with Fission services
Usage: fission [--version] [--help] COMMAND
Fission makes developing, deploying, updating and iterating on web
applications quick and easy.