Webnative File System (WNFS)
The Webnative File System, or WNFS for short, is the live file system that every Fission user account has.
As a developer, it's also where your app stores files and data.

Top Level File System Roots

WNFS comes with three separate file systems "roots": public, pretty, and private.


Not encrypted. Full metadata support. Starts with /public.


Not encrypted. No metadata. Represented simply as /p to be nice and short when creating public URLs like /p/path/to/file.img. It does not support versioning, use the Public or Private trees for that.


Encrypted. Structured so that file metadata as well as contents is obscured. Starts with /private

Default folders

Currently we initialize WNFS with a set of default private folders, which should be familiar to people from working with desktop operating systems.
TODO: We'll be documenting and versioning these default folders in the webnative Github repo.
Additionally, in apps like Drive or in file pickers, the user sees a top level Public folder, which maps to the Public system root.
You can dive deeper by reading the whitepaper »​
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